Fast Websites

Typemill is a lightweight, flat-file CMS specifically designed for efficient web publishing. It excels in creating documentation, manuals, knowledge bases, wikis, and eBooks. Its performance-driven architecture ensures rapid page loading and a streamlined user experience.

Performance Features

  1. Full Points for Google Page Speed: Typemill websites typically achieve perfect scores on Google PageSpeed Insights without additional optimizations. This is due to its optimized code, lightweight architecture, and refined frontend code.
  2. SEO Benefits: The excellent performance makes Typemill a great choice for SEO. Additionally, it offers an SEO plugin that integrates data from Google Search Console, providing valuable insights for optimizing content.
  3. Efficient Workflow: With its simple approach and excellent user experience, website managers and authors can accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.


  • Quick Setup and Maintenance: Typemill's straightforward installation and lack of a database simplify setup and maintenance.
  • Scalability: The flat-file approach ensures consistent performance even as the site grows.
  • SEO Friendly: Fast loading times and SEO tools contribute to better search engine rankings, improving visibility.


Typemill is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized websites focused on documentation and knowledge management. Its flat-file structure, lightweight design, and optimized performance make it a robust solution for fast and reliable web publishing.

For more information, visit Typemill.